NMC (Noble Manhattan Coaching) is the world’s longest established professional life coach and executive coach training company. As well-established leaders in the field of personal development, we work with both individuals and companies to raise their levels of self-empowerment and achievement. We have been growing a worldwide network of strategic partners and licensed distributors since 2010 and are now delighted to be trading in 28 countries around the globe.

This policy provides definition and examples of Equality & Diversity and how this applies in connection with students, distributors and providers. The process and NMC standards required for Equality & Diversity are described – it is expected that the centre or provider will have apply similar standards to be compliant with the  nomorechores.com Equality Act 2010.

If members of an NMC approved distributor or recognised provider is uncertain about how this policy might affect their activities, or has any questions about its application, they should follow their own policy before referring to NMC for advice and guidance.

This policy applies to all distributors and providers offering NMC courses.

See the full content here: http://nmcma.com/download/NMCMA-Resources/policies_and_procedures/NM-Policy-Equality-and-Diversity.pdf